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Stay Fit With our True Fitness Treadmills & Bikes!

True Fitness treadmills and bikes are made from the top quality commercial materials that make them rugged and long lasting and able to handle continuous use. KRT Concepts offers both the CS and PS line of True Fitness stationary bikes and the CS line of True Fitness treadmills.

True Fitness stationary bikes are offered in both upright versions and recumbent models. They have the latest modern designs and features such as self-generating capability, dual stage drive systems, quick access controls, and up to 30 levels of resistance.

True Fitness treadmills have innovative features and are designed to be very reliable user-friendly and are easy to maintain. Depending on the model, the CS series of treadmills offer features such as quick access controls, extended handrails, heart rate monitoring, reversible decks, and the True Soft System which offers a comfortable and orthopedically correct running surface.

Please visit our stationary bike page or our treadmill page for more information on the True Fitness cardio stationary bikes and treadmills we offer.

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