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NuBellsPT 4 lb


NuBellsPT 1 lb to 4 lb kit for your modern home, office and gym.

Evolving the different physical therapy and physical training workouts

NuBellsPT offers a variety of functions for the physical therapy and strength training users. The NuBellsPT are designed for ergonomics, safety and ease of use. The recycle rubberized and ABS plastic components are great for water aerobics and offer an easy to clean solution. The NuBellsPT will offer strength conditioning for users that enjoy walking, boxing, yoga and much more. In addition to the comfort, the energizing colors and included weight caddy helps organizes and saves space.

NuBellsPT offers a unique tool to assist with their physical therapy and physical training by offering many different conditioning practices to help patients recover quickly and effectively. Whether it be a work injury, sports injury or for strength conditioning.

Patented in over 10 countries
Versatile and perfect for physical therapy
Open Palm Exercises
Colors to engage clients
Easy and safe to handle
Recycled rubber and ABS compoenets
Includes weight caddy to organize and save space